Your First Meeting

Your first meeting is very important and it is useful to be prepared.

Before arranging an appointment, you will have a brief telephone conversation with your lawyer. They will enquire as to who is the opposing party to ensure that there is no conflict of interests.

Afterwards the lawyer will ask you some questions about the nature of the case and will inform you of the initial documents required for the meeting.

Through looking at the initial details given in the first meeting, the lawyer will decide whether or not they will accept your case. This is a very important moment; the acceptance of the case signifies that you are now bound to your lawyer in a trusting and mutual relationship. They will act on your behalf and will define the objectives of the case.

Subsequently, your lawyer will define the first steps to take, particularly with regard to the terms of the proceedings.

During the first meeting, the lawyer will inform you of how the fees are calculated and, if possible, will provide you with an estimate for the costs.